Fed up of travel adapters falling out of sockets?

Since I started working for Automattic, I’ve had to travel internationally for work several times. One thing I have had an issue with repeatedly is the different power sockets used around the world.

I have previously tried travel adapters and whilst they work, by the time you plug a PSU into the back of the travel adapter, they are normally too heavy for the socket to support as the weight is so far away from the wall, to begin with.  This was especially problematic for me in Canada where I couldn’t use my Macbook power adapter without wedging something under the back of it to stop the combination of the PSU and the travel adaptor falling out of the 2 prong socket.

My new travel companion for times I am away from home for several days and will need to plug in multiple gadgets is an IEC 4 way block. Using this is can use the same 4-way block everywhere and just get a standard IEC cable for whatever country I am visiting. This will give me 4 UK sockets and a couple of metres of cable without any risk of it falling out of the power socket any more.

You can find the one I am using at Amazon UK.


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